Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New popular bus coach travel destination

A popular charter bus travel destination that seems to be popular is travelling to Bryce Canyon in Utah from the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course first stopping at Yosemite Valley and then Las Vegas. Next you could visit the Hoover Dam in Nevada. Then travel to Zion National Park in Utah. Our coach would then take you to Bryce Canyon in Utah.
The following day or days after, you could visit the Grand Canyon and walk out on the see thru platform that is setup on the Canyon's rim. Then the next day back to Las Vegas or head over to Los Angeles and go to Disneyland.
While in Los Angeles, one could visit Hollywood, the Sunset Strip and the MGM studios.
You could spread this trip over a 7 or 10 day span.
So many opportunities! Call United Coach Tours now to book your bus rental!
We have 51 to 61 passenger coaches available, as well as a 24 passenger minibus.


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