Monday, November 26, 2012

Am impromptu visit inside one of our 61 Passenger Coaches. The bus offers 5 DVD screens, Air Conditioning, semi-reclining seats, a PA system to address the passengers, an iPod hookup, a restroom and lots of cargo space.

This is one of our 61 Passenger Coaches. It has air-conditioning, 4 DVD monitors, an iPod hookup, semi-reclining seats, a restroom and lots of cargo space. Hire us for your next outing. Go to our website at

We have Wi-fi on most of our buses!!!!
The 49ers are doing very well with Colin Kaepernick!
We had 6 of our buses there transporting people from the Bay Area....
Our defense, care of the Smith Brothers stopped Drew Brees and his offense....
I guess we're headed for the Super Bowl!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

We have 34 passenger minibuses available for all your needs....

Oh yea!...We're going to the Parade!!!

Yes, that's right, the Giants won the World Series!  Second time in 3 years!.....Behind Bruce Bochy's coaching, our outstanding pitching team, and our fearless hitters like Mark Scutaro, Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval to name a few, we won the World Series!....
So our buses will be there at Civic Center hopefully transporting the team from

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We have wifi on our buses......The Giants won the World Series!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

We will soon have Wifi on our buses.....

We have the Wifi units. Now we need to install them on some buses.
Soon passengers will be able to use their laptops while onboard.
Instead of staring out the window, which is OK in itself, passengers will be able to access the internet to their heart's delight.
Check their email, check the news, look up shopping bargains and find almost anything you want on eBay!
Downloading of movies is probably not a good idea...
Stay tuned for more updates.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just discovered a new site to take your group to.......

The Bay Area has such a wealth of places to go to! I really do have to get out more!
The latest is the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation. It basically oversees one of the largest and most significant collections of historical military vehicles in the world. They have domestic and foreign combat vehicles such as tanks, armored cars, self-propelled artillery, and other technically interesting mobile platforms. Aside from the vehicles, there are towed artillery, antitank, and antiaircraft guns.
All of this in (4) gigantic buildings in the rolling hills of Portola Valley.
Please see

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New popular bus coach travel destination

A popular charter bus travel destination that seems to be popular is travelling to Bryce Canyon in Utah from the San Francisco Bay Area. Of course first stopping at Yosemite Valley and then Las Vegas. Next you could visit the Hoover Dam in Nevada. Then travel to Zion National Park in Utah. Our coach would then take you to Bryce Canyon in Utah.
The following day or days after, you could visit the Grand Canyon and walk out on the see thru platform that is setup on the Canyon's rim. Then the next day back to Las Vegas or head over to Los Angeles and go to Disneyland.
While in Los Angeles, one could visit Hollywood, the Sunset Strip and the MGM studios.
You could spread this trip over a 7 or 10 day span.
So many opportunities! Call United Coach Tours now to book your bus rental!
We have 51 to 61 passenger coaches available, as well as a 24 passenger minibus.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Charter Bus rides from the Grosvenor Hotel to the 49ers games

We are doing the Charter Bus rides from the Grosvenor Hotel to the 49ers games.
Grosvenor Hotel is
The 49ers are at
Our next bus ride is for January 14th against the New Orleans Saints...(da aints!!)
Go niners!
Drew Brees is a great quarterback this season, but our defense is outstanding!!
Not sure if the hotel's charter bus ride is available to the public.
Again, we are United Coach Tours for your next bus rental.
WE have outstanding service and friendly drivers.